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Natalie Portman’s Black Swan Workout

Mary Helen Bowers, who trained Portman for Black Swan, reveals key exercises from the actress’s fitness routine which enabled stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis to sculpt lean ballerina bodies. According to Bowers’ Ballet Beautiful website, “the elusive shape of a ballerina’s body is attainable for everyone.”

Ballerina Pose: Leg Raise

Lengthen Your Bod

“Stretching before and after every workout keeps muscles supple and helps elongate the lines of a ballerina’s limbs,” says Bowers. “Begin by lying on your back and bringing your leg above you, pulling the ankle gently toward your head. Work toward stretching your knee all the way straight over time. Change legs.”

Firm Your Behind

According to Bowers, ballerinas are known for their “tight, toned butts!” To work on your derrière, begin on your hands and knees and make sure you have plenty of cushion underneath. “Bring one knee into your chest and then extend the leg straight back, into arabesque,” says Bowers. “Stretch the knee all the way and be sure to pull in through your stomach. Repeat 30 times, then change legs.”

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