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Amazing Benefits of Krill Oil

There are all sorts of crummy supplements on the market you don’t need. Some of the stuff is flat out junk. Some of the stuff is good, but the actual product and brand is lousy. And then, there are some products that are just flat out awesome for you. Bottom line: The health benefits associated […]


The hidden benefits of fiber

Background Psyllium fiber is a soluble fiber that is frequently used as a laxative. It’s most commonly found in products like Metamucil and helps to restore regular bowel movement by stopping loose stools and preventing constipation. Psyllium absorbs 8 to 14 times its weight in water and adds “bulk” to stool, helping your body to […]


The health benefits of lowering body fat

While many people are motivated to lose fat strictly for aesthetic reasons (the six-pack abs), there are numerous health benefits to be gained as well. According to the American Journal of Medicine, atherosclerotic coronary heart disease due to obesity is the most common cause of mortality among men and women. And those with abdominal obesity are […]